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DIVERSITY in Ed Virtual Recruitment Fairs

Diversity in Ed is a leader in virtual teacher recruitment fairs, connecting educators from diverse backgrounds with school districts and other educational organizations looking to build inclusive and diverse teaching teams.

Our virtual recruitment fairs provide an opportunity for educators and school districts to connect and learn more about each other in a convenient and accessible online format. These fairs are designed to make the recruitment process more inclusive and equitable.

All virtual fairs include…

* live video interviews
*real-time job board, and
* online “match” networking



  • INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY Our virtual job fairs provide teachers of color with more opportunities to connect with schools that are actively seeking to diversify their staff.
  • REDUCE THE BARRIERS TO ENTRY Our job fairs will make the career search process more accessible for teachers of color who may face barriers to attending in-person fairs, such as geographical distance or financial constraints.
  • RECEIVE EQUITABLE ACCESS TO INFORMATION Our virtual job fairs provide teachers of color with more comprehensive information about the schools and positions available, allowing you to make more informed decisions about their job search.
  • JOIN A COMMUNITY OF INCLUSION AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE The teachers of color in our network feel more motivated to attend our virtual job fair because they know that the schools are committed to diversity and equity, they feel more confident in their abilities to make a positive impact in the school community.


  • ATTRACT a diverse pool of candidates through a seasoned, credible source. We will work closely with you to understand your recruitment needs and match you with talented educators from diverse backgrounds, cultures and languages.
  • RECRUIT on a platform where educators from underrepresented groups come to connect with schools, districts and organizations that are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • HIRE qualified and credentialed teachers of color—as it is not only a moral obligation, but also a business advantage that results in more effective decision-making, heightened employee involvement, and greater creativity.
  • RETAIN the teachers from our network by SHOWCASING your commitment of fostering a positive school culture, providing mentorship and support, offering opportunities for teachers to give feedback and share concerns, AND creating opportunities for teachers to earn leadership roles.


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Employer Exhibitors

Live Professional Development Webinars

Résumé Writing & Career Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

The Virtual Recruitment Fair is an online career fair platform that extends the opportunity for new and experienced job-seekers to connect with employers looking to recruit and hire diverse talent. (Mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops are all compatible.)
Yes, every new and experienced, job seeking is welcomed.
  • Find open career opportunities that match your interests and qualifications
  • Upload resumes and other supporting documents for employers to review
  • Review in-depth career and company information prior to virtual career fair to customize resumes
  • Engage in real-time individual and group chats with recruiters
  • Apply to jobs and schedule interviews
  • It’s FREE to participate
  • Review the organizations' profiles in advance.
  • Develop a strategy - which employers do you most want to speak with?
  • Prepare questions before joining a chat session, or if you prefer, you can review others' questions in the public chat.
  • Write your elevator pitch, which you should strictly use in private interactions with employers (do not post these in the public chat room).
  • Not all employers will send email invitations to their chat sessions so join the event and visit employers that interest you. You are welcome to visit any chat sessions during the fair.
Everyone's goals & outcomes will be different. Here are some possibilities:
  • Research the employment market
  • Determine which positions are a strong match for your background
  • Submit job applications to employers' existing openings
  • Secure an interview during or after the event
Some employers use this forum for screening (and interviews take place afterward) while others conduct phone interviews, video interviews, or schedule in-person interviews during or after the event. Many employers make job offers to candidates found through the virtual career fairs.
Important: Joining employers’ chat sessions is the first step in potentially securing a job offer.
Register at or the state specific recruitment fair of your interest. Pre-registration is already open and will be open through the end of the day of the Career Fair. Register early to give yourself time to study the list of participating employers and opportunities.
Upload your resume immediately after registering so employers will have access to it. Uploading your resume and/or cover letter is the first step in making your materials available to participating employers. After you upload your documents into the system, they are visible immediately for review by employers. Companies may begin screening resumes prior to the event and invite you to visit their specific chat sessions and/or schedule video interviews before, during, or after the event hours.
Participants need only a computer and internet access to participate. Webcams, avatars, and photos are NOT required. Interactions between employers and participants will be primarily through text chatting. (Employers do have the ability to initiate one-on-one video chats with you. If this is the case, you should be dressed as if you were going on an interview. Make that first impression a good one! We also recommend you check what is visible behind you so that there is nothing to distract the recruiter.) Note: it is acceptable to indicate to an employer that you are unable to video chat, if this is not an option for you at the time of the request.
For the best experience, participants should log on using an up-to-date version of Google Chrome (preferred) or Firefox from a desktop/laptop; these are required to be able to view/hear any multimedia broadcasts presented by employers. The most up-to-date versions of Safari, Internet Explorer 11, and Microsoft Edge will also work.
Check out the list of registered employers. Employers will continue to register leading up to the Virtual Recruitment Fair, so make sure to check back for an updated list.
When logged into your account, click the Jobs tab. Review job postings and be informed about available positions and how to apply (and then you can formulate your questions for the chat room). Not all employers post positions.
An employer will host a chat room where you and other participants can ask questions and converse. The organization representatives will be listed once you are in the room. Private chatting is also possible between participants and employers.
Yes, but this is completely up to the employer. Some employers use this forum for screening (and interviews take place afterward) while others conduct phone interviews, video interviews, or schedule in-person interviews during or after the event. Many employers make job offers to candidates found through the virtual recruitment fairs.
Important Note: Joining employers’ chat sessions is the first step in potentially securing an interview that may lead to a job offer.
You will need a webcam to participate in video chats or receive their audio/video broadcasts.
There is not a waiting list, just a natural ebb and flow of visitors. Recruiters may have a lot of traffic (just as in a live fair) and cannot reach everyone immediately. Remember that patience is highly appreciated by the recruiters and the right job is worth the wait!
  • Access a national pool of job-seeking candidates of bilingual and diverse backgrounds
  • Manage your own company chat room and sessions with unlimited recruiters
  • Interact with candidates as a group or privately
  • Tool to conduct video interviews
  • Access to search and screen resumes from database of registered candidates
  • Company profile, logo, and job postings
  • Technology to include pre-recoded video presentations and/or live presentations
  • Save time, travel, and staff required to participate in all day, on-site events
  • Eliminate transportation and overhead costs associated with booth design and production
Yes, click Here to download the Detailed Navigation Guide